Show Notes October 7th, 2013

The government shutdown

You Can’t Copyright The Budget Shutdown In Washington


FiLIP is an electronic leash for your kids’ wrists and it’s coming to AT&T Electronic leashes for the 21st century kid? You knew this sort of thing was inevitable. FiLIP, a smartwatch and ‘locator’ for kids that takes helicopter parenting to an excessive level, is heading to AT&T’s lineup as an exclusive. As you’d expect from a device targeted to tagging kids, the FiLIP doesn’t come close to the functionality of something more grown-up like the Galaxy Gear. It’s mai
Hackers Access Adobe Source Code, Personal Information of 2.9 Million Customers The company doesn’t think hackers got decrypted credit/debit card numbers
Instagram ads are coming in the next couple months Things have been relatively quietly for Instagram since Facebook scooped up the company in April of 2012. The social network has been content with growing Instagram’s user base over the past year and a half and now with more than 150 million people on board, it’s time to cash in…
*Twitter’s IPO filing reveals data on ad revenue, user base and more Twitter’s initial public offering filing with the Securities and Exchange commission went public last night, offering a glimpse at a number of key figures for the seven-year-old microblogging service. From ad revenue to active users to the company’s valuation and future outlook. Here are the most interesting tidbits from the…
NSA has had little success in cracking Tor network, documents reveal NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has released classified documents that reveal the government agency, along with its British counterpart GCHQ, have had little success in trying to crack the Tor anonymizing protocol. It’s all a bit ironic when you consider Tor software is partially funded and promoted by the US government…
Gmail flags Adobe password reset email as spam After being hacked, Adobe’s legitimate email warning to customers is now being flag as spam.
New $100 Bill Set to Circulate Starting Tomorrow I has two new safety features aimed to reduce counterfeit versions
Next version of Chrome essentially runs Chrome OS inside Windows 8 Google has pushed out a new version of its browser onto the developer channel, and with it we’re getting an interesting glimpse at the company’s next move to bring its Chrome-based operating system to a wider audience. Essentially, launching the browser within Windows 8’s Metro-style mode will bring up a…
Twitter’s Nielsen TV rating system goes live today Twitter’s Nielsen TV Twitter Rating system is going live in the US today. The partnership was first announced in late 2012 and will see the ratings company create a metric that will measure a television program’s reach within Twitter.
LG confirms production of ‘bendable and unbreakable’ smartphone displays It’s been a long time coming, but LG’s foray into elastic smartphone displays is finally going mainstream. The company has confirmed that it will begin mass-producing a new lightweight 6-inch panel that, it claims, is the world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones. The display is built from plastic substrates that give it bendable properties, allowing it to be fixed inside devices with cur
What Type Of Social Media Sickness Do You Have? I wouldn’t say social media necessarily creates a social sickness, however if you’re the mayor of three or more of your local McDonald’s then we need to talk. How long can you go without checking your phone? How often do you send out tweets that may suggest you are slightly illiterate? Does your blog really have all the answers? If you have a friend or family member that perhaps needs to realise
Why BitTorrent Represents The Future Of Book Publishing Artist and designer Marc Ecko teamed up with BitTorrent to promote his book Unlabel.
Wireless Networking Simplified: The Terms You Should Know Do you know the difference between an “access point” and an “ad hoc network? What is a “wireless repeater” and how can it improve your home network? Is a “wireless router” as simple as it sounds, or is there more to it? There are a lot more wireless networking terms around that encompass more than “WiFi” ever could, and it might turn out to be beneficial for you if you knew what these terms meant.
FCC aims to fine five wireless carriers $14 million for Lifeline program violations Government shutdown or not, the Federal Communications Commission announced a proposal to fine five cellular service providers a total of $14.4 million for violating the rules of its Lifeline phone subsidy program. In case your memory needs to be jogged, Lifeline allows economically disadvantaged people to get subsidized cellphone service through carriers. Assist Wireless, Easy Wireless, Icon Tel

Symantec grapples with one of the largest botnets in history Symantec is going toe to toe with ZeroAccess, one of

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