Show Notes Feb 25th, 2013

Rose and Lena talk about Amazon Prime Martin joins the conversation We all talk about where the Oscars intercepts technology and culture live TV – – how should content providers engage with their audiences a list of tv shows with time travel from wikipedia app party at Around The […]

Show Notes Feb 11, 2013

This week Eric, Lena’s husband, comes on the show to talk about their wedding video, among other trivialities of technology They talk about linux and ubuntu Ubuntu smartphones set for October launch in two markets You can sell a sandwich without hiding how you made it. This FitBit Hack Cuts the Power to Your […]

Show Notes Feb 4th 2013

Lena and Rose talk about cell phone batteries and mp3 players Lena talks about ting android task hammer Lena talks about apartment hunting and padmapper google reverse image look up google voice at we began talking about gaming and the internet including which can be used to connect with friends and strangers […]