Show Notes November 24th, 2014 interesting use of google maps coverage of this report: only covers the amount spent through the end of october not ferguson: 3h Gothamist 200+ Free Wi-Fi Will Be Weaker In Poorer Neighborhoods The city’s plan to convert ratty, disused pay phones into convenient Wi-fi hotspots was a noble endeavor—the right to peruse […]

Show Notes November 10th, 2014

Engadget 2K Taking apart Google’s modular smartphone What do you want to know about Project Ara? Does a modular smartphone actually work? Yes. Is it very different from Android phones? In a basic how-a-phone-all-works, yes indeed. Paul Eremenko, Technical Project Lead on Google’s modular phone project… 2d Engadget 1K 60 seconds with Hemingwrite, an E […]

Show Notes November 3rd, 2014

Find out about Cryptoparties in NYC here at Upcoming Events  Location: Babycastles, 137 West 14th St, Manhattan Time: 7:30 PM to when we kick you out because we want to go home Date: Thursday 6 November 2014 More: Topics Encrypted email and chat key signing What to bring? Your laptop and/or mobile […]