Show Notes February 24th, 2014

the theme of todays talk who owns the airwaves! ** Martin and Rose talk about the aeros tv court stuff ** Martin reports on the success of the ** Rose talks about encryption issues  ** Rose talks about comcast buying timewarner ** Martin brings up Samsung joining forces with paypal to pay […]

Show Notes February 17, 2014

Lena talked about: Tech for seniors ** Rose talked about: Humble Bundle EFF ** Martin talked about: Social Media Week & the Black Social Network Play @ZondraHughes – joines us on the air to talk more about the Black Social Network Play ** Ars Technica is starting a how-to […]

Show Notes February 10, 2014 Tomorrow February 11, 2014 is The Day We Fight BACK! USA FREEDOM Act – vs FISA Improvement Act – The ACLU & The Day We Fight Back! in support of the USA Freedom Act   From WSJ – NSA Collects 20% or Less of U.S. Call Data NSA Collects 20% or Less of U.S. Call Data – […]