Show Notes – July 27th, 2015 discussion list of Wassenar: Lifehacker 59 Is a Command-Line Only, GPG-Encrypted Password Manager If you work keeps you at the command line, or you just prefer terminal windows to heavier apps, gives you a way to manage your […]

Show Notes – July 20th, 2015 (- where does the heavy lifting) 800 Hours of Practice: Get Set for Free Code Camp Basic HTML5 and CSS Responsive Design with Bootstrap jQuery Basic JavaScript Basic Algorithm Scripting Object Oriented JavaScript Intermediate Algorithm Scripting Functional Programming Advanced Algorithm Scripting Front End Development Projects Full Stack JavaScript Full Stack JavaScript Projects 800 […]

Show Notes – July 13th, 2015

  It’s Somehow Completely Legal to 3D Print This Poison Dart Gun In an attempt to circumvent proposed regulations that would make it illegal to share or distribute blueprints for any kind of home made gun, Peter Alaric DeSimone has designed a completely legal 3D-printed alternative that shoots .40-caliber blowgun darts instead.Because the term ‘firearm’ […]

Show Notes – July 6th, 2015 10d Engadget 200+ Netflix Card is your pay-as-you-go gateway to binge watching In the UK, if you want to sign up for Netflix, your options are basically PayPal or your bank card. With the Netflix Card, however, the company has just introduced a new pay-as-you-go option, […]