Show Notes – November 30th, 2015

THIS #GIVINGTUESDAY give to the station that has something for everyone! WHCR will be 30 years old in 2016! We need your help to continue to empower

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THIS #GIVINGTUESDAY give to the station that has something for everyone!


WHCR will be 30 years old in 2016! We need your help to continue to empower listeners by providing informative, educational and cultural programming that speaks to the diverse populations of Harlem, upper Manhattan; and some sections of the Bronx, Queens, and New Jersey.


Help us reach our fundraising goal by making a $30 donation! Thats just $1 for every year we have been on the air. By making a donation you will receive a WHCR rewards card giving you discounts on all anniversary events!

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The Horrifying Vtech Hack Let Someone Download Thousands of Photos of Children The latest details about a recent security breach at a kids’ toy company are in, and they are disturbing. A couple weeks ago, hackers successfully broke into the servers of connected toy maker Vtech and stole the personal information of nearly 5 million parents and over 200,000 kids. What we didn’t know until now: The hackers stole pictures of kids, too.This is very bad. The hacker’s identity is s
7 Installations Protesting Climate Change In Paris, Even If Actual Protesters Can’t The entire world is watching as politicians pour into Paris today to decide the future of the Earth. But you might have missed what’s going on outside the summit, where dozens of activists and artists have transformed the city with installations about climate change.Many of the protests and marches that would normally go on during the COP21 summit have been cancelled by the French government after
No, SoundCloud didn’t remove a silent track for violating copyright On November 22nd, artist collective DJ Detweiler posted a screenshot of a message from SoundCloud that said its track, “John Cage – 4’33 (DJ DETWEILER REMIX),” had been removed because it appeared to contain copyrighted content. The joke here is that the original “4’33″” is completely silent and a remix would supposedly be just as soundless. DJ Detweiler shared the image
Surprise! The NSA Is Still Spying On You At midnight on Saturday, the National Security Agency ended one of its most notorious spying programs. This is only a tiny victory. The NSA’s sprawling, inefficient surveillance apparatus is still a privacy threat. The bulk phone records collection program was banned in the USA Freedom Act, a law that curbed some domestic spying. This program allowed the NSA to collect metadata from American citiz
3 Software-Related Legal Issues You Might Face One Day Are you breaking the law by the way you use software? There’s no simple answer. In fact, with the way that laws and contracts are today, it’s almost impossible to know. Still, ignorance is not a valid defense in law. What’s the worst that could happen? It depends where you live, what you did, and how well you can defend yourself. You could be fined, sued, or even do a lengthy prison sentence — or
Visualizing Donations in Virtual Reality on Giving Tuesday Now that we can leave the shopping chaos of Black Friday behind us, we can look forward to #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving that marks the beginning of the holiday season. When it comes to charitable giving, it can often be difficult for donors to see the real-life impact of their contribution. That is why this year on #GivingTuesday, one crowdfunding platform for good is allowing donors t
Online Streams Are Destroying Cable TV and These 3 Stats Prove It Cord-cutting isn’t just a hypothetical dream anymore. It’s happening all over the country and the numbers are accelerating at speeds no one could have foreseen or predicted. The new age of online streaming is already here and it’s here to stay. Need some hard proof? Keep reading. 1. Netflix is still growing — significantly. In Q1 of 2015, Netflix’s membership grew by 4.9 million subscribers. In th
The 8 Best Free MMOs You Don’t Have to Download Most of the big-name MMOs, like World of Warcraft, EVE Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, take up a lot of space on your hard drive; Final Fantasy XIV takes up 30 GB! If you’re on an old computer, or just don’t have very much space on your drive, this could be a problem. To join in the MMO fun without a huge download, check out these eight MMOs that you can play for free, right from your bro
The 20-Year-Old Features Hidden In Your Mac Apple has been making computers and software for a long time, but El Capitan is totally modern —right? There’s no way it includes any elements from the 90s. Wrong. Believe it or not, there are a few bits and pieces from the days of classic Mac OS still remaining in OS X El Capitan, though they’re a little hard to find. Inspired by my collegue Joe Keeley, who found traces of Windows XP inside Windo
Samsung Gear VR review (2015): A no-brainer if you own a Samsung phone When Samsung and Oculus debuted their Gear VR headset almost a year ago, the companies made it clear the device wasn’t yet ready for the masses. Billed as “Innovator Edition” models, the original Gear VRs were intended mainly for early adopters. They only fitted a limited number of phones — the original was designed just for the Note 4; the second for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge — and we
Sock of the Month Club by Sock Club — Maxwell’s Daily Find 11.23.15 Pin it Sock Club • $12 A Month This is not the first time socks have found their way to the Daily Find. There’s something so charming about brightly colored, comfortable socks and when you add in the element of a new surprise every month, I’m completely sold. If you’re a sock enthusiast, or know someone who could use a little flair on their feet, I highly recommend checking out Sock Club.
Living With Your Parents? How To Turn Your Room Into a Mini Apartment Evan’s Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio Pin it According to Pew Research Center, a record number of millennial women are living with their parents (and I have to imagine millennial men aren’t too far off). If you’re one of them, don’t think your boomerang kid status has to be a death sentence for your style. READ MORE »
FAA recommends mandatory registration for drones weighing more than half a pound The Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation last month announced the creation of a task force to come up with recommendations on how the agency should go about implementing a registration process for drone owners. In an impressively quick turnaround, the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration Task Force…
Snapchat’s new feature lets users dive deep into ‘Stories’ Following on a series of recent upgrades and UI improvements, Snapchat began rolling out a new feature for its users on Monday, called Story Explorer. With it, users will be able to more fully examine and interact with the events that they’re most interested in, similar to Twitter Moments. Simply swipe up from the bottom of any curated Story and the app will load up more Snaps relating to it. The
5 Myths About RFID Chips and Why You Shouldn’t Worry Technology that makes our lives simpler typically comes with a trade-off. With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), that trade-off is often associated with personal tracking and the loss of privacy. As of now, that’s mostly nonsense. I certainly can’t predict the future, but I can tell you that RFID — when used correctly — has minimal security concerns and many practical benefits. From improved
Get Free Admission to State Parks in California, Minnesota, and Missouri on Black Friday Forget standing in line for hours. Black Friday is dying, so spend your day doing something more fun: like visiting a state park for free.…This year, state parks in California and Minnesota are offering free admission, and state parks in Missouri are waiving camping fees the evening of the 27th. If you have guests visiting this Thanksgiving, or are vi
Black People in New York Suffer from Depression More Than Any Other Group in the City While sitcoms are full of New Yorkers gabbing about therapy, the reality is that many people in the city suffer from mental health issues that go untreated. Health data gathered by city mental health workers shows that one group is overwhelmingly neglected: black New Yorkers.Every year since 2002, New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has conducted the Community Health Survey. Researc

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