Show Notes June 23rd, 2014

After talking about how I, Lena, am prepping in a very technological way to go to a conference this weekend. Keren Elazari: Hackers: the Internet’s immune system | Talk … Engadget 500+ 3D-printed material can carry 160,000 times its own weight Researchers from MIT and Lawrence Livermore have created a new class of materials with the […]

Show Notes – June 16th, 2014

Martin talks about harlem social media expo and about are going to control a robot in Canada because of   at 7pm Lena & Rose talked about sousvide cooking  Engadget 300+ London’s Tube stations to serve up live World Cup scores alongside train times There’s going to be no escaping the World Cup when travelling […]

Show Notes, June 9th, 2014

We are joined by David Cravit to talk about a very cool sounding conference Martin joins Rose and Lena to talk about tech we talk about surveillance and uber / lift and airbnb Engadget 7K New smartphone chip will beam high-definition holograms as early as 2015 Just imagine: a smartphone that projects 3D holograms into thin-air. […]

Show Notes, June 2nd, 2014 TechSpot 80 Google planning to spend $1B on Internet satellites, says WSJ Google is planning to spend more than $1 billion on low-Earth orbit satellites to bring internet access to unwired regions of the globe, according to the Wall Street Journal. Details are scarce at this time, but it is being speculated that the project […]