Show Notes Jan 21th 2013

Lena joins in at 6:45 first she talks about her experience with freedompop of after which she talked about the company which used to be tucows (a 90s software company) There is an app that can help android users find their lost phone Martin hasn’t adverstized Lena’s wedding yet

Show Notes Jan 14th 2013

Rose Regina and Lena talk about their feature phones Lena has the LG Rumor Touch and Rose Regina has the LG Extravert They also talk about the X Prize for the Tricorder. Martin joins the conversation to talk about samsung and apple patents Rose and Martin argue about phone os and who will […]

Show Notes Jan 7th 2013

Rose and Lena are live in the studio this Jan 7th 2013! We discuss meme’s and remix culture. Know your meme – The internet is abuzz with conversations about the gear from CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which will run tomorrow, Jan 8th until the 11th. Read all about it at […]

Show Notes Dec 31st

Lena talks about 3DEA a pop up 3d printer store in NYC Cadbury invents a high melting point chocolate. Instagram updated their term of service due to public demand. Facebook has better privacy controls now. Boeing uses potatoes to simulate humans in test of Wi-Fi signals Martin joined the conversation at 7:15 Martin talks […]