Show Notes Dec 31st

Lena talks about 3DEA a pop up 3d printer store in NYC

Cadbury invents a high melting point chocolate.

Instagram updated their term of service due to public demand.

Facebook has better privacy controls now.

Boeing uses potatoes to simulate humans in test of Wi-Fi signals

Martin joined the conversation at 7:15

Martin talks about Randy Zuckerberg’s drama

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi complains of privacy breach after a photo she posted of her family jokingly reacting to new ‘Poke’ application gets leaked

Tom of Myspace talks about Instragram

Martin believes that Facebook is going down an evil path, and that there will be a mass exodus. Martin suspects that Google+ will win out.

Martin and Lena talk about google reader.

Lena asks Martin his feelings on the Gangnam Style youtube music video hitting one billion views. Martin says that humor wins in the game of viral video and viral marketing. We switch to talking about dancing and dancing on the kinect for xbox.

Lena talks about the Buzzed Buzzer and about the last few episodes and giving excuses for their not having any show notes on this blog.

Martin talks about Pinterest and what housewives are up to on the internet. He says that pinterest feels more VIP than a regular beta invite.

We also talk about tumblr online.

Text message google at 466453

Lena talks about freedom pop and their freemium service. She has been enjoying it.

Martin and Lena wish everyone a happy new year and will be back next week to talk more tech.

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