Show Notes Jan 14th 2013

Rose Regina and Lena talk about their feature phones
Lena has the LG Rumor Touch
and Rose Regina has the LG Extravert

They also talk about the X Prize for the Tricorder.

Martin joins the conversation to talk about samsung and apple patents

Rose and Martin argue about phone os and who will win
Rose thinks Windows is in the running
Martin thinks they could be if they bought

the rumor of the facebook phone

Martin argues that facebook will lose ground to google plus

Lena mentions that her husband likes google plus
Martin is very excited about the notion that Lena is married, he obviously hadn’t read her blog.

Martin suggests monetizing the youtube video of her wedding.
While live on the air Lena turns ads on in youtube for her video and posts it to the technocolorshow blog.

Martin and Rose talk about how facebook is creepy and gmail is secretly creepy.

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