Show Notes – October 26th, 2015

Lena played a ted talk

Martin joined the conversation


Epic slide deck from former Yahoo board member lays out the future of tech and media


F3Expo, November 12-15, Georgia Dome and World Congress Center overview.

— F3Expo is the first of its kind expo focusing on the recreational, sport, lifestyle and education around Drones, UAVs and First Person View technology.

— We’re bringing together some of the best FPV pilots in the world for FREESTYLE flight exhibitions and competitive racing in the Georgia Dome for a never seen before event spectacle.
— In the Georgia World Congress Center venue, will be panels discussing DIY/Maker aspects of the hobby, legalities and legislation with members of the FAA, law enforcement, etc. aerial video / photo galleries and competition, discussions on the ‘art’ of flying and creative expression using the technology, and much more.
– We have a special Field Day Friday program for school groups to get hands on, close up presentations and workshops with our FPV pilots, educators, and industry leaders.
– F3Expo intends to be a force of change in the cultural and technological landscape; helping bring together the convergence of many people from differing backgrounds to network, share ideas, and lead new pathways of opportunity.
– Tickets and registration online now at .


Weekend tech reading: Worst tech mergers, more TPP analysis, Fairphone 2 modular phone review Corporate mergers — like marriages — can result in the two parts being stronger than the whole, or they can end in utter disaster. Just this month, Western Digital and SanDisk announced plans to tie the knot in the largest storage consolidation..

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