Show Notes – June 1st, 2015



Quickly Check App and Device Compatibility In Preparation for Windows 10 With Windows 10 coming on July 29th, you’ll want to make sure your PC, applications, and various devices will all play nice before you reserve and upgrade. Fortunately, Microsoft has made it easy to do within the Get Windows 10 tool that appears on all copies of Windows 7 and 8.Upgrading your copy of Windows to 10 should be seamless, but you want to make sure set up is actually ready beforehand. T
Google’s Cardboard Design Lab teaches VR with (what else) VR Google debuted its larger and more robust Cardboard VR headset at I/O yesterday, now it needs some apps that actually run on it. However, designing a program in a virtual 3D environment is quite different than designing one to run on a 2D touchscreen…
Windows 10 build 10130 rolled out with slightly less ugly icons Another day, another Windows 10 build. This time it’s number 10130, available now for fast ring users. As Microsoft heads towards an expected July release of Windows 10, the changes between builds are much reduced, with a focus instead of fixing bugs and small refinements to the user experience. The most visible of these changes is some new icons. Earlier Windows 10 builds included some icons th
Google’s first partner for smart, sensor-laden clothes is Levi’s Remember when we said yesterday that Google’s Project Jacquard would lead to the advent of touch-friendly pants? Well, we were more right than we thought: During the Google ATAP address here at Google I/O 2015, Technical Program Lead Ivan Poupyrev co…
Suicide Girls: It would be “fucking awesome” if appropriation artist Richard Prince sues us The Creators Project talked to the Suicide Girls about how they are re-appropriating Richard Prince’s appropriated art. If Prince tries to sue the Suicide Girls for copyright infringement, Missy Suicide said: “That would be fucking awesome. He can go right ahead.”
“Lone wolf” and “roving wiretap” US surveillance powers expire Sunday The legal authority for the bulk telephone metadata program Edward Snowden disclosed is set to expire at the stroke of midnight on Monday. But there are lesser known Patriot Act surveillance measures also set to sunset at that time unless the Senate acts quickly. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican of Kentucky, has ordered the Senate to session on Sunday in an 11th-hour bid to s
Google Now Just Became the Most Compelling Reason to Use Android In the early years (like 5 years ago tbh), iPhone and Android were at odds. Closed vs. open; Design vs. customization. Now, those lines are more blurred than ever. But Android has always had one absolute ace, and Google I/O 2015 just proved it: Google Now.I don’t really need to explain that Google Now is great and that it keeps getting better and better—we’ve been beating that drum for awhile. But
SkyMall is Here to Stay — Design News Pin it When SkyMall filed for bankruptcy in January, tchotchke lovers and unitasker enthusiasts the world over united in sadness. Yet after months of increasingly positive hashtag campaigns, SkyMall this week confirmed via Twitter that they’re back. C&A Marketing, a firm that revamps brands, bought the company at auction, and plans a greater digital presence (prepare to buy cow benches v
FCC’s Internet-for-the-poor plan sets up fight with Republicans A plan to bring a phone subsidy program for poor people into the broadband age is setting up a battle between Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Republicans in Congress. Wheeler yesterday announced his plan to overhaul Lifeline, which was founded in 1985 to provide discounts on phone service to low-income Americans. Lifeline is one of four programs paid for out of the Uni
NYC Households Pay An Extra $130/Month “Invisible Fare” To MTA, Report Finds The MTA is still struggling to close their capital budget deficit of $14 billion, calling on both City and State governments to step up their spending to help maintain, repair and expand the subway network that serves as this city’s life-sustaining circulatory system. But a new report commissioned by City Comptroller Scott Stringer’s office claims the city contributes far more cash to the agency
Recode joins Vox Media Recode, the tech news site founded last year by former WSJ journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, is being sold to Vox Media in an all-stock deal. Read the rest
Dinosaurs? Google Gives an Answer from Creationism, Not Science. Here’s Why… Google is apparently a creationist organization, and thinks dinosaurs are used to indoctrinate children into believing that earth is millions of years old. No, they didn’t put out a statement saying so. But if you Googled the term “What happened to the dinosaurs?” earlier today, you’d have seen some “information” from Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis that contradicts the overwhelming scientific consen
Ransomware Keeps Growing – How Can You Protect Yourself? There are plenty of threats on the Internet, but few can be as scary as ransomware. These particularly nasty bits of malware not only infect a user’s computer, but they end up trying to get money out of them! It’s a despicable thing to do, but sadly, it’s part of the world in which we live. How does ransomware keep growing? How is it spreading. Everything you’ve every wanted to know about ransomwa
How Facebook is Killing the Open Web The way we use the web is changing. The rise of social networks and apps have created closed silos where people are spending increasing amounts of time, at the expense of the open web. There are a couple of ways for you to be reading this article: you could have entered into your browser and come here directly, you could have searched for something online and followed a link to this
Turn Your Fan On and Off Automatically Based on the Air Temperature From the lazy-but-totally-awesome files: Here are

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