Show Notes, 25th March 2013

Today on Technocolor Radio for the first time, Lena, Martin and Rose Regina are all in the studio at the same time!

Martin is doing an interview with Bruce Lincoln, an old school tech-head, about
about the Harlem Business Alliance –

Tomorrow night there will be an event called Silicon Harlem event happening at MIST.

A shout out to Doug for the WHCR video stream and to Angela our amazing station manager!

Martin talks about the old days of Silicon Alley in the early 90s.

We discuss donglegate – here’s a link to arstechnica coverage of donglegate

we talk about crowdsourcing and movies and Lena mentions her interview with on the March 11th show
@AmericanSecret1 –

we talk about who pays for content and how it lives and dies and where the money comes from
we also discuss content vs data

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