Show Notes, December 17th 2013

I start the show by talking about travel, shoes and traveling with devices.


I recommend that people research travel wall mount surge protectors with usb ports built in

stuff like


Once Rose Regina joins us she talks about her new phone the Alias 2

which is an old phone

the samsung alias 2 sch-u750

Cnet’s 4 1/2 year old review of the Samsung Alias 2:
I do agree with most of the review based on a weekend of use.


and Hugo joins us via phone to talk about the bitalino –

Boing Boing

The iPhone is a remix Two mutually exclusive ideas are often voiced: first, that Apple’s a shameless thief, and second, that its products are revolutionary. The truth–and the crux of the company’s genius for design–lies in-between. Kirby Ferguson, of Everything Is A Remix fame, deconstructs the iPhone’s eclectic inspirations and origins. Keep an eye out for Kirby’s forthcoming new series, This is Not a Conspiracy Th
The Top 50 Companies That Mine and Sell Your Data We all know that our personal data is very valuable to marketers and other agencies—and that it’s collected and sold by data brokers. is a master list of opt-out links to stop these data brokers from collecting information about your online and offline activities.The list is similar to a previously featured compilation on Reddit, but seems to be more comprehensive. You’ll find op
Eaby Finds Misspelled Items on Ebay for Cheaper Prices Android: Believe it or not, one of the best ways to find great deals on Ebay is with auctions that have misspelled words. So a “Xbox Connect” instead of an “Xbox Kinect” might just go for a lot lesser since fewer people search for that. Eaby makes it easy to find such items on Android.The app is similar to the previously mentioned FatFingers. You can search for any item, choose
Five Things Bing Does Better Than Google We can’t even pretend we’re not enamored with Google here at Lifehacker, but there is life on the other side. While the quality of search results is largely subjective (contrary to what the Bing Challenge would have you believe), there are some things that are definitely better in Microsoft’s garden.Flight Cost PredictionEasily one of the best features of Bing is the ability to predict when a flig
Do More, Faster In The Linux Terminal With Midnight Commander File browsing in a Linux terminal is alright, but it could be so much better. Midnight Commander is the program you’re looking for –  it gives you a two-paned file browser that makes working in the terminal so much easier. And the best part? It’s simple to get and use. Getting Midnight Commander To install Midnight Commander, all you need to do is to check your respective package manager. You migh
Google yanks vital Android privacy feature Well, that didn’t take long: shortly after Google added a new Android feature that let you deny apps access to your sensitive personal data, they have revoked it. This is frankly terrible, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Peter Eckersley has some very pointed commentary, recommendations for Android customers, and advice for Google: A moment ago, it looked as though Google cared about
Google Updates Gmail, Calendar, Maps for Android Google today made a wide range of updates available to core applications for the Android platform. Gmail was updated with improved sync and outbox behavior, new contact photo behavior, and a new look. Google Calendar was updated with bug fixes and performance improvements. Google Translate was updated with wider device support for voice input, improved stability, and improved discovery of the keyb
As Google slowly preps the Chromecast ecosystem, waves of new apps are on the way HBO Go, Songza and Pandora are about to get more company on Chromecast, according to a Gigaom interview with Google’s VP of product management Mario Queiroz where he stated additional waves of apps are coming soon. A public release for the Chromecast …
Feedly Was Stealing Your Content — Here’s the Story, And Their Code Last week, Feedly rolled out a controversial new “feature” – hijacking feed links to steal traffic from millions of bloggers. Redirecting shared links with Feedly to Feedly’s own view of the article instead of the article itself on the original site is a concern for original content creators on many blogs. It not only results in loss of traffic, but is also deceptive for those who follow a particu
SteamOS Beta is Available for Download Steam’s new Linux-based gaming operating system (colloquially, SteamOS) is finally available for download. Let the revolution unto Gaben commence.As we’ve been told previously, the download is a slightly more complicated affair than a mere wizard. However, if you’re familiar with Linux and aren’t afraid of the command line, you should be able to fire it up with little trouble. The OS currently sup
YouTube opens live streaming for all verified channels, even yours What’s that, your YouTube channel has fewer than 100 subscribers, but you feel it’s a travesty that you can’t share your video opus as it happens? Well, start popping bottles: Google has begun rolling out live streaming capabilities to all of its …
Donations to the Internet Archive matched 3-to-1 A reader writes, “You’ve heard about the fire that destroyed one of the thirty-two scanning centers last month. But here’s what you may not have heard: the good news. An incredibly generous anonymous donor is helping the Internet Archive rebuild — and grow — by matching every donation made before 2014 three-to-one. That means your $50 donation results in a $200 contribution. They are raisin
15 Of The Most Disastrous Online Time Wasters Okay, I’ll make sure not to browse Facebook while writing this essay. But wait, let me just check if I still hold the highest bid on eBay for that thing I want. Just a second while I check to see if I’ve gained any new Twitter followers today. But before that, do I have any new emails that I need to reply? Concentrate! Here are some tips to stay focused. What distracts you most when you’re trying
Soon you’ll be able to launch Chrome apps by saying ‘OK Google’ Those who’ve gotten used to saying “OK Google” to their Moto X and KitKat-endowed handsets might wish that every device they have could be so obedient. Well, it appears that soon your Chromebook will be able to respond to that same voice command as well, if a new experimental App Launcher in Chrome’s Dev Channel is any indication. According to Google insider François Beaufort, all you’l
Virgin Galactic now accepting Bitcoin for future flights into space As the value and credibility of Bitcoin continues to skyrocket, Virgin founder Richard Branson now wants to let people use the digital currency to finance a flight into space. Ahead of its first trips next year, Virgin Galactic has already had one “future astronaut” from Hawaii book a Bitcoin-funded ticket and hopes that its affluent clientele will follow suit. An investor himself, Bran
YouTube finally arrives on Nintendo 3DS with ironic lack of 3D playback support If you’re looking to head straight from Super Mario 3D

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