Show Notes August 19th, 2013

Talking about NSA Surveillance & an interview with the co-founders of Venmo.

Nothing to Hide, So Much to Lose: Understanding the NSA Leaks 

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Co-sponsored by: Mutant Legal Collective, National Lawyers Guild-NYC, Agaric Drupal Collective, and Bill of Rights Defense Committee

So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about this guy, Edward, lately.
Edward Snowden? Yeah, sounds familiar. Now, what about all of the other terms you’ve been hearing thrown around? There’s a lot of technical vocabulary that gets used in association with the surveillance state, but how does surveillance really work? What do the documents Snowden leaked really mean for you and me?

Please join us for panel discussion facilitated by Molly Knefel of Radio Dispatch and Nathan Sheard of the Mutant Legal Collective that will help us understand a bit better what it all means.
Panel Featuring:
Alfredo López, May First/People Link
Sarah Hogarth, Human rights strategist and advocate
Abi Hassen, National Lawyers Guild
and Thomas Hintze and Rose Regina Lawrence of Mutant Legal

Suggested donation of $1-$20

*event volunteers welcome, if you can help, please contact

“Venmo was built as an easy way to settle up with friends. As more people started Venmo-ing, we noticed that people were using the payment note as a place to interact, josh, and joke. Our users were transforming Venmo into a fun way for friends to engage. Payments between friends were telling a story of shared memories, birthday dinners, weekend outings, drinks and laughs. We loved watching this develop and wanted to support this use of our product as much as possible.” … “In addition to featuring the payment feed more prominently, we’ve also made it possible to share payments beyond your Venmo friends to everyone else on Venmo. This feature helps Venmoers engage across the country and shows newcomers how they can use the app. To turn this feature off and share payments with just your Venmo friends, simply turn off public sharing in your settings. The choice is yours.”

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