Show Notes November 24th, 2014

interesting use of google maps
only covers the amount spent through the end of october

not ferguson:

Free Wi-Fi Will Be Weaker In Poorer Neighborhoods The city’s plan to convert ratty, disused pay phones into convenient Wi-fi hotspots was a noble endeavor—the right to peruse social media is as inalienable as that to fresh produce and decent public transportation. Which is to say, residents of poor neighborhoods were bound to get shafted. [ more › ]
5 Amazing Uses For Drones In The Future Unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly called drones, are now infamous for their surveillance capabilities, but they have so much more potential than that, and it would be a disservice to dismiss them as “outright evil.” Like most tools, the usefulness of a drone depends on who’s in control. There are dozens of modern examples that show how drones can be used to improve everyday life. If we extra
Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk writes Kate Briquelet reports in the NY Post that Principal Mark Federman of East Side Community HS has invited the New York Civil Liberties Union to give a two-day training session to 450 students on interacting with police. “We’re not going to candy-coat things — we have a problem in our city that’s affecting young men of color and all of our students,” says Federman. &
EU wants to separate search from the rest of Google Google’s been caught up in an antitrust tango with the European Union for years, and since the EU hasn’t been thrilled with the search giant’s attempted concessions, there might be an extreme new option on the table. According to a report from the…
Test How Well You Read Other People with This Body Language Quiz Empathy may be the most important skill to have, and one of the signs of an emotionally intelligent, empathetic person is his or her ability to accurately read others’ facial expressions and body language. This quiz from University of California, Berkeley not only gauges this skill, it also offers pointers on how to read people better.The quiz shows you twenty photos of various people expressing a
Build a Motivational Bathroom Scale with a Raspberry Pi One of the most deterring parts about trying to lose weight is that moment when you look down at the scale. This custom built scale ditches unsatisfying numbers and uses a Raspberry Pi to actually talk to you when your step up to help keep you motivated.That number staring back at you is discouraging when it hasn’t changed much, and you can start to feel like everything you’ve done has been for no
NYC to replace most of its payphones with free gigabit WiFi in 2015 Can you remember the last time you used a payphone? Neither can we. Public telephones are an outmoded piece of our communication infrastructure, and NYC is ready to replace them. The city has been toying with the idea for years, and today it finally…
Do your eyes have perfect pixel pitch? Here’s a fun test to find out. Pixactly is “an online tool that tests how well you know your pixels.” Just draw a box that matches the dimensions provided. “Sounds easy, right? Pixactly.” []
Hacker turns keyboard backlight into video game display Cooler Master’s QuickFire Rapid-i keyboard has an ARM-based processor that powers a handful of neat backlighting options, including per-key illumination and a light-as-you-type effect with an optional decay. But that’s nothing compared to what a member of the Mechanical Keyboards subreddit pulled off with a little hacking. A user by the name of Spritetm figured out how to play Snake, a classic arc
U.S. State Department email systems hacked Unclassified U.S. State Department email systems were cyberattacked in recent weeks, around the same time as White House systems were breached. Read the rest
EFF makes DoJ admit it lied in court about FBI secret warrants Department of Justice lawyers told a judge that when the

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