Show Notes – March 30th, 2015

Two feds who investigated Silk Road accused of stealing from it, too “Copyright troll” Perfect 10 hit with $5.6M in fees after failed Usenet assault UN Human Rights Council Appoints Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy Court Sides With Google, Shuts Down Mississippi AG’s Abuse of Authority * * TechSpot […]

Show Notes – March 16th, 2015     9min Gizmodo The anti-robot protest at SXSW was almost certainly a hoax. The anti-robot protest at SXSW was almost certainly a hoax. But was it some kind of viral marketing scam, or just a bunch of well-organized, well-funded trolls? [io9] 7min TechSpot This is Sirius, […]

Show Notes – March 9th, 2015

We were joined by guest – Jonathan Stribling-Uss an Attorney, technologist and co-director of the cybersecurity legal organization “constitutional communications”. I’m doing a Continuing Legal Education class on cybersecurity for lawyers at CUNY law on March 17th at 6pm. – The Ambassador who worked from a Nairobi bathroom to avoid State Dept. IT […]

Show Notes – March 2nd, 2015    Check out the FCC Fact Sheet! Engadget 78 Lyft rewards its drivers for picking you up more often A ridesharing service only helps you out if drivers want to pick you up in the first place, and Lyft clearly knows it — the company just countered Uber’s new perk system with one […]