Show Notes, December 15th 2014 ACLU – Report You Are Being Tracked – How License Plate Readers Are Being Used To Record Americans’ Movements 29 Debian vs Ubuntu: How Far Has Ubuntu Come in 10 Years? Ubuntu recently released 14.10 “Utopic Unicorn”, which coincides with the fact that Ubuntu is now 10 years old! The king of Linux […]

Show Notes December 8th, 2014

Lena talks about how wonderful her new phone is.   Body Cams: complaints against Springfield Mo regional airport saw this massive drop in complaints from a couple a week to about once a month. complaints against officers in rialto CA dropped by 88%: annectdotal evidence of a similar phenomenon in phoenix “A recent […] Devs With Ferguson Bundle this is a bundle of 9 games (all for Windows & OSX, some also for Linux) donated by their authors in support of the Ferguson Public Library and in solidarity with protesters resisting antiblack state violence and white supremacy ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE FERGUSON PUBLIC LIBRARY (paypal takes $.30 […]