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Technocolor Show is a Talk Radio Show airing on WHCR 90.3 FM New York every Monday night from 7 – 8 pm Eastern Time.

The Hosts!

Lena has been a member of the Technocolor Show team since the Fall of 2005.  She is a librarian, and open source advocate and a fan of board games, but the hipster German stuff you may never have heard of.   PGP: 24FC8D5C13D4FAFF

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  1. Gregory says:

    You have no clue as to the great service you provide the listening audience in Harlem. Three cheers for a job well done– all of you. This is a fabulous show. I always make sure I get out of work on time on Mondays so I can listen to Nellie Bailey then the Technocolor Show at 7 PM

    On behalf of the radio listening people of Harlem, THANK YOU

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