Show Notes – December 14th, 2015

We’re starting our show by talking about Twitch today.

My friend Jen is calling in to tell us what Twitch is.
You can find her at



nyers can go report on thier internet speed to the AG and help with an onging investigation into if ISPs are lying about connection speed:
AG also on fleet re draftkings and fandual

this is an article about swating that is specifically about a women who was big of twitch (making it double relevant for today’s show), but I thought it was a well written peice about issues with internet harassment and far more related to real life cyber crime issues
bit coin create gossip updates, interesting initial bit on the weirdness of the original key
brilliant peice with longer term perspective on the development on the web and control of experience
interview with one of the pirate bay founders talking about the fate of the internet as a place for freedom (it’s not looking bright)
art project decides to swipe right or left on tinder based on galvanic skin response, debuting here:
ITP 2015 Winter Show
A two day exhibition of recent creative interactive projects by the graduate students of ITP
Sunday, Dec 20 – 2~6 PM
Monday, Dec 21 – 4~8 PM
Tisch School of the Arts
New York University
721 Broadway, 4th Floor South
Take the left elevators to the 4th Floor
This event is free and open to the public
No need to RSVP
more updates on OPEM hack that toiok place may 2014. turns out a bunch of journalists wereincluided and more than 1mil people who were affected have yet to be notified.
research journalism on the harrassment of security researchers. probably not right for our audience, but really interesting
darpa is really intersted in the security of the electrical grid (because it’s really bad)– goal is grid recovery within 7 days by 2020.
small town near where I used to live offering super cheap super fast internet. towns coming together as “” group to make it happen
hacking computers through malicious no click ads– yet another reason to use adn live ad blockers

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