Show Notes – June 1st, 2015 logjam:   Quickly Check App and Device Compatibility In Preparation for Windows 10 With Windows 10 coming on July 29th, you’ll want to make sure your PC, applications, and various devices will all play nice before you reserve and upgrade. Fortunately, Microsoft has made it easy […]

Show Notes – May 25th, 2015

Due to memorial day laziness todays show notes are pretty poorly explained and organized.  Today may be all TED talks if Lena can figure out how to make them play. Yay Holidays! How Facebook is Killing the Open Web The way we use the web is changing. The rise of social networks and apps have […]

Show Notes – May 18th, 2015

Ars Technica 100+ Safari address-spoofing bug could be used in phishing, malware attacks From the department of things that aren’t what they seem, researchers have demonstrated a new address-spoofing exploit that tricks Safari users into thinking they’re visiting one site when in fact the Apple-made browser is connected to an entirely different address. The recently […]

Show Notes – May 11th, 2015

Live in the studio today is Lena and her guest Miguel – Drones Could Airdrop Relief Supplies to Combat Zones in Syria Drones—like sharks and William Shatner—are often misunderstood by the public. Many associate the autonomous fliers with warfare and creepy government spies. But drones can be heroic, dropping life-saving supplies to civilians in combat […]

Show Notes – April 27th, 2015

Passphrases That You Can Memorize — But That Even the NSA Can’t Guess * Encrypting your laptop demystified * drones: a wage and hour lawyers who is suing uber over worker misclassification the internet is a public place: well done website helping people figure out if their student loans could […]

Show Notes – April 20th, 2015

Machinations and Manipulations: Bots, Big Data, and the Internet of Things an event that happened today at the the Open Society Foundation Philip N. Howard is a professor of technology and international affairs at Central European University and the University of Washington. A discussion of his latest book, Pax Technica: How the Internet of Things […]

Show Notes – April 13th, 2015

GOP bill would invalidate FCC’s net neutrality rules – June 2014 report from the ACLU on stingrays: anti-patriot act coalition website: imsi catcher detector put up on github: other links: funding of nypd surveilance: recent eff case on imsi catchers: eff’s 2014 round up on stingrays: podcast patent win:   Florida 8th-grader’s prank […]

Show Notes – April 6th, 2015   Operating Systems Gizmodo 200+ Your Keyboard Could Tell If You Have Parkinson’s An everyday technology is becoming the central figure in how scientists understand and diagnose Parkinson’s—the keyboard. Researchers at MIT are working on a method that would create keyboards that could actually tell whether you have this unfortunately common neuron impairment.It’s all […]

Show Notes – March 30th, 2015

Two feds who investigated Silk Road accused of stealing from it, too “Copyright troll” Perfect 10 hit with $5.6M in fees after failed Usenet assault UN Human Rights Council Appoints Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy Court Sides With Google, Shuts Down Mississippi AG’s Abuse of Authority * * TechSpot […]

Show Notes – March 16th, 2015     9min Gizmodo The anti-robot protest at SXSW was almost certainly a hoax. The anti-robot protest at SXSW was almost certainly a hoax. But was it some kind of viral marketing scam, or just a bunch of well-organized, well-funded trolls? [io9] 7min TechSpot This is Sirius, […]