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A national day of action on September 25th to defend against extreme attacks on women’s health care


09/24/2013—(PRESS RELEASE) On September 25, the Center for Reproductive Rights will host Unite Tonight, a national day of action rallying supporters across the country to demand that Congress take action to create stronger federal protections for reproductive rights.


With extreme laws being passed in one state after another—including absolute bans on abortion as early as six weeks of pregnancy in North Dakota and trumped-up regulations aimed at shutting down most or all reproductive health clinics in states like Mississippi, Texas, and Wisconsin—women’s reproductive freedom in the United States is increasingly at high risk. Unite Tonight participants are mobilizing to demand a national strategy for Congress to guarantee reproductive rights as fundamental human rights for all women in the U.S.—regardless of where they live—and stop the attacks by politicians who want to take those rights away.


The heart of the night will be a live, interactive online experience presented by the Center for Reproductive Rights. The program, hosted by actress and writer Michelle Maryk, will feature a conversation with the Center’s president and CEO, Nancy Northup, messages from celebrity supporters of the Center’s Draw the Line campaign, among other interactive and social media activities for participants.


Said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights:


“Unite Tonight is about speaking up—and speaking strongly—with one united voice to declare that our constitutional rights are not up for debate, revision, or repeal.


“This Wednesday, we are rallying people across the nation, and demand that our elected officials protect every woman’s right to essential reproductive health care, including annual checkups, birth control, cancer screenings, and abortion services, no matter where she lives.”


Unite Tonight serves as a vital part of the Center’s Draw the Line campaign, which launched in October 2012 and spurred a wave of activism that has since amassed over 250,000 signatures to the Bill of Reproductive Rights.


The Center anticipates more than 100 Unite Tonight events all across the country, including key battleground states such as Texas, North Dakota, Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Oklahoma.


In addition to the supporter gatherings turning into the interactive webcast across the country, the Center is hosting four flagship events in New YorkLos AngelesWashington, D.C., and Fort Worth, Texas with key reproductive rights advocates, policy makers, and thought leaders.


Click here register to host your own Unite Tonight event—which has options for two different time zones, at 8pm ET and 8pm PT.  Join the conversation online, follow @ReproRights and use the hashtags #UniteTonight and #DrawTheLine.




About the Center for Reproductive Rights

The Center for Reproductive Rights is a global legal advocacy organization that fights to ensure reproductive rights are treated as fundamental human rights. You can find the Center on Facebook at and on Twitter


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