Show Notes Nov. 11, 2013

Jack of is live on the air with us tonight
We’re going to talk about ebook publishing, Bitcoin and the Engadget Expand Conference.
Android 4.4 Is Out: 6+ Reasons You And Your Non-Techie Friends Should Care Android KitKat is out, and there’s no way you’ve missed it. Whether you’re an Android fan, an Apple buff or a Windows Phone enthusiast, you must have heard something about Android 4.4. But should you care? The simple answer is that you probably should. Android 4.4 is not only the latest and greatest from Google, it’s also made to run smoothly on lower-end devices. This means you may be using this
10 Handy Tips For More Effective Status Updates On Social Media There are a couple of known tips to improve engagement on social networks — asking your followers a question is one of them. Posting at optimal times using Buffer, posting images — you get the idea. Sure, if you’re just starting off in the world of social media, it can be tough. And that’s where this cheat sheet by The Social Skinny comes in handy. via InfographicalsRead the full article: 10 Handy
YouTube’s Comments Section Now Cleaned Up, Courtesy Of Google+ It used to be the case that, if you wanted to see the lower levels of Dante’s Pit of Hell, you only had to go as far as the comments section on YouTube. There lived all kinds of lowlife, racists, foul-language lovers, and those with keyboards with the caps-lock key permanently stuck on upper-case. And once you were in, it was difficult to claw your way back out again. But now Google has drained th
Twitter stock price surges in opening trade Twitter’s stock opens at $45.10 a share on its first day of trading, 73 percent above its initial offering price.
Google finally talks barges: it’s an ‘interactive space where people can learn about new technology’ It’s stayed mum as speculation has run rampant about just what the “mystery barges” under construction in San Francisco and Portland, Maine will actually be used for, but Google has now finally offered its first official comment on the matter. In a statement provided to TechCrunch, a Google …
Why The ‘Humans Of New York’ Series Is So Popular Georgia native and ex-Chicago bond trader didn’t predict the overwhelming success of his NYC photo blog.
Why Internet Explorer Still Dominates South Korea. New submitter bmurray7 writes “You might think that the country that has the fastest average home internet speeds would be a first adapter of modern browsers. Instead, as the Washington Post reports, a payment processing security standard forces most South Koreans to rely upon Internet Explorer for online shopping. Since the standard uses a unique encryption algorithm, an ActiveX control is r
Flyne RSS Reader Gives Offline Access to Your Feeds Android: No internet connection? Flyne is a new RSS reader for Android that downloads articles so that you can read them when you don’t have an active internet connection. Flyne—made by the dev behind Falcon Pro, our best Twitter client for Android—asks you to choose from categories like Technology, Architecture, Music, Photography, Design, Food, and more, all of which have a pre-curated list of
Amazon Kindle MatchBook offers deep discounts on digital versions of books you already own Amazon has launched a new program called Kindle MatchBook that allows customers to purchase a digital version of a print book they purchased new on the site for a fraction of what it’d cost otherwise. Pricing for e-book versions range from free up to $2.99, we’re told.
Man forgets about $27 Bitcoin investment made four years ago, now worth $1M Four years ago, Christopher Koch was working on a thesis paper about encryption. His research led him to the budding digital currency known as Bitcoin and on a whim, purchased 5,000 Bitcoins for just $27. He quickly forgot all about his investment until widespread news reports jogged his memory this past April.
Google’s social network usage has jumped 37 percent since May Google’s social network is still far behind that of rival Facebook but it has been making serious strides in the past several months. On Tuesday, the company revealed that 300 million users visit the site each month which is up from 190 million visitors in May – good for a…
Sprint Loses 313,000 Total Subscribers, Posts a Net Profit and Operating Loss Sprint’s LTE rollout continues to move ahead and its wireless platform set a revenue record
Google releases images of Glass redesign with new mono earbud Yesterday, Google announced that it was expanding the Explorer program and that existing Glass owners would be eligible to a one-time hardware exchange. The swap will let owners trade-in their existing device for the upgraded model. While at that time the company wasn’t prepared to give us a look at…
Dell Smell: Latitude Ultrabooks’ Cat Urine Odor Confirmed According to Dell the smell is not hazardous to your health (though possibly hazardous to your image)
It’s official: FAA to allow personal electronics during takeoff, landing This was all leaked weeks ago, but it’s now official. The U.S.’s Federal Aviation Administration has eased restrictions on the use of electronics in commercial airliners. Using tablets, laptops, and other gizmos will soon be allowed during “all phases of flight,” although cell phones will still need to have their cellular radios disabled.Here’s the skinny, straight …Read more…

Silent Circle, Lavabit to take back email privacy with Dark Mail Alliance Silent Circle and Lavabit may have abruptly shut down in August amid growing pressure from the National Security

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