Show Notes – Monday Sept 24th, 2012

at 7:50 Rose called in and we talked more about the popinator
about spotify and targeted advertising
Samsung goes after apple in a commercial
Apple has asked for more money in their settlement
in Martin’s assessment Samsung is antagonizing Apple with valid points
competition is good
Samsung Galaxy has terrible battery life and takes a long time to charge
Martin talks about his assessment of the iphone 5, particularly the new connector
Lena talks about her assessment of the iphone 5 – it’s slimmer and longer and it has flash
Martin talks about a lil known hack to lighten pictures on iphone
Lena wonders if such is what instagram is for?
Martin suggests that instagram has features of the photoshop express app in a more user friendly way
Martin doesn’t get why instagram is so popular
Martin and Lena talked about ads on the internet
Martin talks about traveling with technology
google maps helping and hurting him get around Florida
Martin carries a number lot of batteries while traveling

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