Show Notes – June 29th, 2015

the running of the news interns after scotus ruling

Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium starting tomorrow in Philadelphia:

and along with it today: Surveillance and Technology Symposium:




Your Dumb Smoke Detector Gets a Smart Battery — Design News Pin it If you’ve been waiting to transition to smart smoke detectors, but aren’t really looking forward to swapping out every. single. one. in your home, now you can just change the battery. Roost is a smart battery that gives your old detectors an upgrade. READ MORE »
New Map Reveals How Airbnb Has Transformed Your Neighborhood Bed-Stuy-based photographer Murray Cox has used his coding skills to collect all of the public information associated with every single Airbnb listing in New York City, and arranged it on a searchable bird’s eye map. “There are 1,500 listings in my neighborhood,” he told us. “I decided to present this data on a map so that people can start to relate to it.” [ more › ]
Meh, cisgender, jeggings, and other new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary Also: Photobomb, crowdfund, totes, sext, and nearly 500 more. Read the rest
The Reason Your City Can’t Have Fast Internet Access Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission voted to ease the way for cities to become Internet service providers. So-called municipal broadband is already a reality in a few towns, often providing Internet access and faster service to rural communities that cable companies don’t serve.The cable and telecommunications industry have long lobbied against city-run broadband, arguing that
8 Things You Should Know About the Office of Personnel Management Breach – Huffington Post Computerworld8 Things You Should Know About the Office of Personnel Management BreachHuffington PostFor almost a month, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been engaged in damage control after publicly disclosing that it was the victim of a massive data breach of government employee data. When first announced in early June, it was believed …Oversight Republicans urge Obama to fire…The
All-in-one camera ball scouts dangerous locationsImagine how much easier it would be if first responders could search inside collapsed buildings, or if police could scope out a suspect’s room for danger before breaking in. That’s the driving force behind the Explorer, a tactical ball equipped with …
Why Is Google Opening a New Data Center In a Former Coal-Fired Power Plant? writes: Quentin Hardy reports at the NY Times that Google has announced it is opening its 14th data center inside a former coal-fired power plant in Stevenson, Alabama. While there is considerable irony in taking over a coal-burning plant and promoting alternative power, there are pragmatic reasons Google would want to put a $600 million data center in such a facility. These power
You Can Marathon Every Episode Of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show For The Next 42 Days We’ve only got a little over a month left of Jon Stewart’s legendary Daily Show show run, with his final episode set to air on August 6th. It’s hard to imagine a world without Jon Stewart around to critique it, but before we begin panning ensuing host Trevor Noah, Comedy Central has given us a little gift—they’ll be streaming every single one of Stewart’s Daily Show episodes until he vacates his
At Last We Have a Scientific Explanation for Cat Pictures And, as neuroscientist Bethany Brookshire put it, “obvious study is obvious.” People appear to be looking at cat pictures on the internet in order to “regulate mood,” or make themselves happier. But sometimes those pictures make us feel bad, too.Though its conclusions may seem like common sense, Brookshire points out that these kinds of studies shed light on many aspects of the way behave online.
Women, LGBT least safe on Facebook, despite ‘real name’ policy Despite Facebook’s insistence that its “real names” policy keeps its users safe, a new report reveals that Facebook is the least safe place for women online. And things are turning more explosive, as stories emerge that Facebook has been changing its…
T-Mobile iPhone users are getting the blue screen of death T-Mobile users beware, the evil blue screen of death is out to get you. A large number of the provider’s user base have been complaining about random issues including, but not limited to, intermittent freezes, frequent restarts and yes, the blue screen of death. Reports seem to be coming in…
You’re About to Start Finding Amazon’s Echo AI In Unexpected Places Could Amazon actually win the race to build the most widely-used AI voice platform? As unlikely as it sounds, Amazon is pushing far harder than Microsoft or Apple to get its technology into the hands of other companies.Today, Amazon said it would make Alexa—the voice-controlled assistant that sits inside its Echo hardware—free to any developers who want to use the software in their third-party dev
Google Asks Android Developers To Show Sensitivity To Disasters and AtrocityMark Wilson writes: Today Google revealed an updated version of its Google Play Developer Program Policies. There aren’t actually all that many changes or additions, but those that are present are quite interesting. Google is clamping down on the problem of impersonation, making it clearer that it is not permissible to mislead users by imitating other apps, making false claims, or suggesting endor
Controversial legislation to block ‘pirate’ sites approved by Australian senate A controversial bill allowing overseas piracy websites to be blocked at the ISP level has successfully made its way through the Australian senate with a vote of 37 in favor versus 13 against.
The Final Hurdle Is Cleared – Apps Will Replace Websites Search engines can’t yet crawl and discover content within an app, but Google’s quiet acquisition of an app-streaming platform shows the industry is headed in that direction.
How AI Sex Dolls Will Change Dating in Just Three Years [NSFW] Dating has always been difficult, for men and women alike.

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