Show Notes Jan 7th 2013

Rose and Lena are live in the studio this Jan 7th 2013!

We discuss meme’s and remix culture.

Know your meme –

The internet is abuzz with conversations about the gear from CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which will run tomorrow, Jan 8th until the 11th. Read all about it at engadget.

I hadn’t heard about Tobii REX, an eye-tracking peripheral which made it’s debut at last years CES. It’s a small USB peripheral, a little thicker than a pen, which you attach to a computer display and adds eye tracking technology to any windows 8 machine.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about Plastic Logic’s flexible e-paper touchscreens which look really cool, at 10.7 inches in working concept prototype forms.

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 to battle Google Glass for Android eyewear supremacy

Last year at CES we heard about Xpal’s SpareOne disaster-ready cellphone, a GSM phone with the ability to run from a single AA battery for 15 years. It is now expected to be available early in 2013 and it’s price tag seems to have doubled.

As a new tablet owner, who has a low amount of memory in which to save things, I found the
Seagate 1tb hard drive with 10 hours of battery life at CES.

Walt Disney is going to use RFID bands, MagicBands for the Disney Experience.

There are a number of Starbucks that accept square payments (, square being the little brick that plugs into the headphone plug of compatible devices (including iphones running iOS 4 and up, all generations of the ipad, and android devices running android 2.2 and up). It’s a cute device, about an inch square and a few mm thick, which charges 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards, or a flat monthly fee. The device itself is now being sold at over 7 thousand coffee shops. Buy the means to accept credit cards along with your latte?

A sign of the change in media, Disney has announced that the film Wreck-It Ralph will be available to buy as a download and on streaming services weeks before the disc is released. We are likely to hear more about Disney’s plans in the online streaming market at CES.

As long time listeners will know, I love TED Talks, so I’m pretty excited about TED-Ed, a new educational TED site.

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